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Our Valleys Magazine Open House

11-Mar-11 00:41 | Bill Miranda
Tonight's event was terrific.  Thanks to the Our Valleys staff and a special thanks to Patricia and Tony Gracia who hosted the event.  About 50 people attended representing about 35 companies.  The area was very fertile for networking.  And networking was really done.  I saw so many of our members and guests introducing themselves and exchanging contact information.  Good job!  No spectators tonight, only movers and shakers.

Thanks to the Antelope Valley Hispanic Chamber for making the trip down I-14 for our event.  Thanks to Conexion, Edgar and Luis, for making the trip from the Pasadena area.  Sam and Yvonne from Medi-Serve also came in from the Pasadena area. 

Our Valleys spoke about this being just the beginning of their strategic plan to be a force in the Latino communities it serves.  They mentioned that it's not just another magazine.  It is a communications media, print and electronic, that will give their advertisers tremendous access to the Latino, Anglo and bi-lingual markets.  Their excited and they make us excited.  They are a great addition to our chamber. 


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